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Glad To Cooperate with DOMITECH Sklep


Published by HAIRUI May 06,2020

" Your best budget soldering station is excellent! And I appreciate that you are always very quick to respond. " said by one of my clients-- Rob. 

One day, we knew each other via Internet. At that time, he was looking for best budget soldering station.

He was to glad to know that we are the professional manufactory of best budget soldering station and specialize in this field over 15 years. We can make the products as he requires.


Best budget soldering station factory

He sent me the specifications and let me know their purchase plan.

When I got the file, I was happy to find that our HAIRUI 8588 can exactly meet his needs. Then I sent him the specifications of our best budget soldering station.

He sent me email and said what he need was our model 8588.

And he planned to order 600 pcs of HAIRUI 8588 for the trial order.
I quoted him the best price and got the order!


Best budget soldering station manufacturer


As we have the solder rework station in stock, we shipped 600 pcs of HAIRUI 8588 immediately.

When he got the best budget soldering station, he was satisfied with our fast shipping and high quality. Finally, he decided to place more order from us. We are so happy to be their long-term business partner.

Thanks so much for his trust.


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